Week 5 Tasks

Week 5 Tasks

Celebrating Earth Day!


Step One: Choose your topic

What are you interested in? Is there a topic you’re passionate about? Or maybe there’s a topic you’re not very familiar with and you’d like to find out more about?

Select one of the environmental topics in the diagram above or choose your own.

Step Two: Find resources

You might need to do a little bit of research to write your post.

👉🏽 Remember: You cannot copy and paste text off another website and use it as your own. This is illegal and called plagiarism. You must write information in your own words.

👉🏽Include all websites that you looked at for information.

Step Three: Things to include in your post.

  • An explanation of your chosen environmental issue.
  • Why this is an issue that you’re interested in. Did you hear about it on the news? Is it a problem in your local community? Is it something you haven’t heard of but wanted to learn more about?
  • Some facts about your issue.
  • Tips on how people can help (for example, if your topic is plastic pollution, you might give tips about using cloth shopping bags and avoiding disposable food wrappers).

Step 4: Post your story & Comment

Make sure to post your story on your blog. Once you have posted your blog fill the link out below.

Fill This Out

Next, comment on 2-3 people’s blogs. The list below will give you some blogs to visit.

CLICK HERE to see a list of the other blogs you can comment on.