Week 6 Tasks

Week 6: Talk about your school

You have 8 options to choose from this week. Choose 1 from the following list, fill out the Google form and comment on 2 blogs.

1) Survey your readers about school

Create a poll to survey your readers (Google Forms is a good way to do this or you could use a tool like Crowd Signal).

Alternatively, you could write some questions that you’d like readers to answer in a comment.

Your questions could be about:

  • Whether your school is open or closed currently
  • How people get to school (or work)
  • School starting/finishing time
  • School holidays
  • School uniforms
  • School subjects
  • Anything else that interests you

Idea: when your survey is complete, you could share a summary of your findings. I love a free tool called Beam for making simple charts.

ExampleSophia and Julia made a Google Form survey about school.

2) Share your school day

Write about your school day or make a slideshow or video to explain it.

It could be your regular school day or your remote learning school day.

You might include things like:

  • How do you get to school?
  • What is your timetable like? Do you have set subjects at certain times?
  • Do you have one teacher or many?
  • What time do you begin and end school?
  • Do you get to choose what you learn?
  • What technology do you have at school?

Remember to explain abbreviations you might use e.g. LOTE, STEM, or ELA

Example: Kalani wrote a great description of her school day. She broke up her text and used bold words. It makes it easier to read!

3) Do some research

Do a little bit of research for a new post.

Here are some ideas:

  • Research the history of your school and create an “About my school” page.
  • Research a famous person who attended your school.
  • How has schooling changed over the years? Interview parents or grandparents and ask questions about schooling. You could make a written interview, make a video, or make an audio recording (Anchor is a great tool for making audio recordings).
  • Find out more about someone at your school who you don’t talk to very much. Maybe you could interview a student who is older/younger than you. Or you might interview your cleaner, crossing supervisor, or cafeteria worker.

ExampleFarrah asked her parents about how school has changed.

4) What happens at break times?

Tell us what you do at break time or what’s popular at your school.

You might write about:

  • The food you eat at school. Do you take your own lunchbox or do you buy lunch? Include some photos if you can!
  • What do you do at break time? Are there any popular games, sports, or activities at your school?
  • What precautions do you have to take from the weather at break times? Hats? Sunscreen? Snowsuits? Is school ever cancelled or do you ever have to stay inside due to the weather?

ExampleVan Anh explained how to play a traditional Vietnamese game (it includes an awesome image created in PowerPoint).

5) Describe your school grounds

Tell us a bit about your school grounds. You could even draw a map, or make a slideshow or video that gives readers a tour of your school.

Not at school? Could you make a map of your backyard or living room? (Remember, not to give personal details away about your house).

  • Is your school big or small?
  • What sort of play areas do you have? Playgrounds? Fields? Courts?
  • What special buildings do you have? A gym? A library?

6) Tell us about your special events

Does your school hold any special events? Maybe a fair or fete, a dress up day, a fundraiser, camps or school trips?

Share the details in a post!

ExampleJueun wrote about a sports event held in his district.

7) Compare your school with another

Find a video, photo, or article to shows what school is like in a different part of the world.

Feel free to use the resources I added above.

Write about the similarities and differences as well as the questions you’re pondering.

Alternatively, if you’ve been to more than one more school you might be able to compare them in a post.

ExampleYuyang compared his school experiences in China and Senegal.

8) Share your opinions about school

No doubt you have some opinions about school and we’d like to hear them:

  • What’s your ideal school? You could even include a map of what it would look like.
  • Share your opinion on uniforms, school starting times, homework, recess, or another controversial issue.
  • What do you dream of doing once you finish school?
  • If you were principal for a week, what would you do?
  • Do you like learning at home or at school?

ExamplesFran wrote about his plans for when he finishes school while Van Anh shared her opinions on school uniforms.

If you have any other ideas, that’s great! Write about anything that relates to schooling around the world.


Fill out THIS Google Form & leave a quality comment on two blogs.