Week 3 Tasks

This week we are going to be focusing on images and the legality behind what we CAN use and what we legally CANNOT use.

Task 1: Educate Yourself

Watch these two videos below.


Task 2: Create a photo gallery with copyright free images OR a poem with a copyright free image

Here are a few websites that you can find copyright free or creative commons images that you can use.


Photo Gallery

Choose 5 images that represent something about you. Write a blog post about these 5 things and how they relate to you. Include the 5 images in a photo gallery on your post. You can learn how to do this by the video below.



For task 2 if you do not do the photo gallery you will need to do the poetry task. You will need to create a post and include a poem you have created and include a copyright free image that goes along with it.  You may choose to do any of these types of poems:  Haiku, Acrostic, Limerick or a Cinquain. You may also choose to write your own free verse. If you click on the type of poem it will take you to a website that explains how to write that type of poetry.  Below is a video that explains how to upload a photo.


When you have completed tasks 1 and 2 CLICK HERE to fill out a form letting others know you are done.



Task 3

Leave a quality comment on three blog posts.