Week 4 Tasks

Week 4 Tasks

Week 4 Tasks


This week is a catch up week (if you are behind) or a free choice activity.


If you haven’t finished Weeks 1-3 make sure to visit my blog and up in the corner press the pink circle. You will then see a page for each task. Click the task you need to complete.

If you have completed all tasks you get to have a free choice post this week. This means you have to make one post to your blog but it can be about anything you want it to be. Have fun with this!

Next choose two blogs to comment on. Remember to leave a QUALITY comment (this was in week 2’s tasks). Try to visit someone you haven’t yet that isn’t in our class.

CLICK HERE to see other’s blogs

Once you have finished completing your old tasks or written a free choice make sure to fill out this survey below to let everyone know you have completed this week’s task and they can visit it.

Fill Out This Survey When Completed