Week 3 Images

Today I am going to share five images that relate to who I am as a person. I am going to explain how each picture relates to me and have included a slideshow with the images.

One of the images I chose was friends and family. This image is important to me because I like to spend my free time with the ones I love most.

The next image is of a gray cat. I chose this image because cats are my favorite animals. Kittens are so cuddly and cute. I have three cats at home and one reminds me of the cat in the picture. My first cat that I ever had was named “Jasper” and he was gray. Ever since then, gray cats are my favorite.

While many of you have probably never listened to a record, I hadn’t either until I was in college. I went to an auction and bought a record cabinet and some records that were very cheap. I took them home and loved the nostalgic feeling and the sound that it produces. Ever since then I have been hooked! My favorite records that I own are Roger Miller. One of my goals is to own every album he has ever created. I still have quite a few I need.

I have loved owls since high school. I am not sure where the fascination grew but it has stuck for the past 11 years now. At first it was always just pictures and trinkets but it grew about 5 years ago. I was wanting to have my classroom dissect owl pellets. I looked up the price and they were very expensive to buy online. I decided to do some research and hunting and actually found ones in nature. My research then told me the proper way to sanitize them and make them safe for dissection. I have been pellet hunting ever since. My favorite place that I go has two barn owls. If I am lucky, sometimes I can sneak a peak of them when I pick up their pellets.

The last image stands for another hobby I have. I enjoy cooking and baking. When I was younger I was in 4-H and was enrolled in the foods project. I enjoyed cooking for family and doing foods demonstrations at club days. When I got into college I really wanted to expand my craft and learn different recipes and strategy other than what I had learned from my mom. I began looking things up online and trying new things. Now I enjoy creating a monthly meal calendar that has every meal on it for the month. It allows me to plan ahead with ingredients, always know what I can make and allows me to include things on there that are new.


I hope you enjoyed my photo gallery. Do we have anything in common? Did anything interest you?

Class Blog Challenge

Hello from Kansas! Hi, I am Mrs. Panko my classroom of 16 students and 1 rabbit are so excited to be able to be a part of the “Student Blogging Challenge.” Our classroom rabbit, Willa is a gray mini lop. We enjoy taking her out to recess and loving on her. We are from a small town in Kansas. While there aren’t many industries here, farming is an important part of our community. My students have each wrote at least one blog post to introduce themselves. They are very excited to connect with peers from around the world. Thank you for stopping by and allowing us this opportunity!