Week 2 Tasks

This week we are focusing on commenting. I have noticed that many of you have commented on other’s blogs. The problem that many have been seeing is these aren’t QUALITY comments.

Let’s look at this example:

Comment 1: Wow! This is such a cool blog!

Comment 2: Hello, I stopped to look at your blog. I really enjoyed learning more about what you like. We actually have a few things in common. I also like to play soccer in my free time. Do you play on a team?


Mrs. Panko



Which comment would you prefer to see? The majority of us would choose comment #2. Let’s look into the details of what makes this comment a quality comment. Each item is color coded so you can see it in the comment.

Introduction. The introduction basically is like the greeting to a letter. You are saying “Hi” in a sense.

Specific Feedback. This section is like the body of a letter. After your greeting you are going to be SPECIFIC on what you noticed about their blog. Do you have anything in common? Can you make a connection to them? What specifically did you like? Can you give them a compliment?

Question Since commenting is like talking to someone it’s best to end your comment with a question. That way you can keep the conversation going and get to know them even more.

Closing. The closing is like the losing of a letter. Common closings are best, sincerely, love, kind regards, yours truly, respectfully and thank you to name a few.

Name. Make sure to put your name to tell the reader who is writing the comment. Only include your first name.

URL. You will need to include your URL (the link that takes someone to your blog). 


Here is a walk through of how to comment on someone’s blog.


Week 3 Tasks:

  • Create a new blog post about whatever topic you would like.
  • Make quality comments on 4 people’s blogs

When you have completed this task fill out THIS FORM

CLICK HERE to see a list of the other blogs you can comment on.